Twelve16 Personal shopping:

Personal styling:  Do you have a special event such as a birthday, speaking engagement, special appearance or an outing?  Twelve16 will make sure that you step out in style. Your assigned stylist will take care of all your style needs by customizing a complete look tailored to your event.

Wardrobe styling: If you need more than one look for an event, photo shoot, video shoot, or performance, our wardrobe styling is for you.

*Please contact us for prices and package deals.*

Twelve16 Wardrobe/Personal Styling :

 Do you have a closet full of clothes but still feel you have nothing to wear? Do you need assistance in determining which garments to toss? Is your closet just a mess? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Twelve16 Closet Raid Service is for you.  A Twelve16 stylist will raid your closet and demonstrate new ways to wear your existing garments, help you to detach from your old garments and suggest pieces that can be sold to consignment stores and vendors.

The results of a closet Raid:

  • New ways to wear your clothes
  • A more organized closet
  • Suggestion on what to buy to complete your looks
  • Consignment opportunity (make some extra cash !)

 Are you easily overwhelmed or frustrated when shopping? Are you over the idea of searching for new clothing or have no idea what to look for when shopping?  Our personal shopping service is for you.  Your Twelve16 style consultant will take the stress out of shopping and will take you on a shopping expedition, or do the shopping sans client, delivering suggested garments to your home or office for a private fitting.

The benefits:

  • Stress free shopping
  • Time saver
  • Stay current and up to date with trends
  • Maintain your Personal style

Twelve16 Closet  Raid: