Own it! when you're wearing statement pieces like the polka dot pants below, your color choice and placement is key.

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Transition out of heels and in to the right pair of flat shoes. We put together a few style visuals to inspire your style.

Here are a few of my Favorites...

All style visuals were created by a Twelve16 Stylist.

As a personal shopper I realize we all sometimes struggle with finding fancy flats.  I always have my eyes open for flats that are cute, comfortable and will not deplete the style of my outfit. While  on my search for these fancy flats I've found a few at Macy's, Aldo and Bloomingdale's.  Remember, just like any other shoe, stay away from boring!

These pieces will effortlessly transition you from  day to night.

Black, white and gold is a classic color combination, you can wear these three colors in prints or solids. Gold will forever give you a royalty feel; black and white will always give you chic (if styled correctly). This outfit will defiantly turn heads at the holiday party!